Split Molds

Every mold is polished, assembled and bolted and ready for delivery in 5 working days. reference edges sanded, assembled and bolted ready in 5 working days. Sliding core mold + core bar is variable.

Available in steel 1.2083; 1.2085; 1.2311; 1.2312; 1.2316; 1.2344; 1.2767, Impax, Stavax

All shapes and components in the following sizes dxf, Iges, Step, ProE

Injection sliding core molds
Type A

Injection sliding core molds
Type B

The ejector split mold is used there, where the molded part is ejected by an ejector.

The stripper split mold is used there, where the molded part is ejected with the core bar. Two types of strippers:

  • thick-walled parts: open the split mold first, then the molded parts are stripped from the core.
  • thin-walled parts with closed split mold: strips off the molded parts first  and only then the split mold is openend.





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