Split Molds

Every mold is polished, assembled and bolted and ready for delivery in 5 working days. reference edges sanded, assembled and bolted ready in 5 working days. Sliding core mold + core bar is variable.

Available in steel 1.2083; 1.2085; 1.2311; 1.2312; 1.2316; 1.2344; 1.2767, Impax, Stavax

All shapes andcomponentsin the following sizes dxf, Iges, Step, ProE

Injection sliding core molds
Type A

Injection sliding core molds
Type B

The ejector split mold is used therewherethe molded part isejectedby anejector.

The stripper split mold is used therewherethemolded part isejectedwiththecorebar. Twotypes ofstrippers:

  • thick-walled parts: open the split mold first, thenthe molded partsare strippedfrom the core.
  • thin-walledpartswith closedsplit mold: strips off the molded parts first  andonly then the split mold is openend.
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