Plates in XXL-size

.....we also offer plates in special sizes to 1000 x 2000 mm....we will be happy to help you!!!..... 

KE- and P-boards

Main forms in the construction of size from 100 x 130 mm to 596 x 796 mm in a standard size and design. Main forms pre-assembled, if requested. KE and P boards for injection- and pressure casting molds, available in different steel quality. To get to these producs in our online-shop , please click on the picture.


Material  DIN-descriptionFeaturesStrenght
1.1730C45Wcarbon tool steel, hard surface, tough core, good machinabilityca. 640 N/mm2
1.2085 X33CrS16pre-hardened tool steel, good machining, resistant to corrosionca. 1080 N/mm2
1.2311 40CrMnMo7 pre-hardened tool steel, good polishing ability, photo etching and structure eroding possibleca. 1085 N/mm2
1.2312 40CrMnMoS86 pre-hardened tool steel, good machining, high toughness, weldability and polishableca. 1080 N/mm2
high hot wear resistance, high-performance plastic molds, hot work steelca. 780 N/mm2
1.2767X45NiCrMo4Special-hardened steel, highly polishable, dimensionally stable, even by curingca. 830 N/mm2
3.4365 AlZnMgCu1,5high strenght aluminium, optimum thermal conductivity, good machinability, weight reductionca. 565 N/mm2
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