EXPERTproline, our brand of innovation in mold design and manufacture of special parts. During the last years, the range of services has been continuously expanded according to customer requirements and has been continually expanded and improved.

The solutions of EXPERTproline lead to faster sequences, to less wear and to cost savings. Over the years numerous patents and utility models were purchased, especially in this area.

Recirculating ball bushes HSB 13

The recirculating ball bushes HSB 13 are used for precise guidance of ejector packages in injection, compression and pressure casting tools. Due to their small installation space, they can also be used in other areas....(more).

Adjustable lifting device

The adjustable lifting device is attached to load itself or is an integral part of the load. It is only suitable for horizontal operation and may not be tilted. ....(more)

Slide retainer

NEW in stock: slide retainers type

H-PSM-0001/0002/0003 and

Date watches / Font temple

All types of quick-change system: insert can be changed on the separation form of the injection molding machine...(more)

Ejectors with corner radii

Available with 1 to 4 circular shape corner radii 0.20 and radius accuracy +/- 0.01 ...(more)


Ready bearings and sliding elements with specially designed solid lubricant depots or from red bronze alloy...(more) 

Ejectors and cores made ​​of hard metal

The outstanding properties of hard metal gain importance in the tool and mold construction field ...(more)


Punch S - based on type D to DIN 9861 and form A ISO 8020th. Through a new, patented design ...(more)

Cipboard HSB 080

The chipboard HSB 080 is a complete system solution for precise clamping and alignment of KE-developed and P-plates.....(more)

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