Date indicator / Male writing die

All types have got a quick-change system: inserts can be switched at the demoulding part of the injection mold machine.

The date indicators, without height adjustment, type "OV", are available in 4 different versions:


Basic model without height adjustment. Screw fitting on the backside.

Mounting from the front, without height adjustment.

short type with a press fit for small spaces in the assembly depth.

Combination of ejector and date indicators.

Available in diameters 4-10 mm and various lengths, depending on the diameter.

Unlimited flexibility:

  • Complete range of products available, which has an the answer to all the requirements for the construction.
  • The change inserts are the same for each type. The replacement is simplified.
  • In addition, you can switch on the outer ring with the engraving if needed. The body remains in the tool.
  • Robust construction. Proven to be the best in difficult uses such as aluminum die castings and thermoset.
  • All commercially available materials such as product identification labeling, food signs, recycling symbols, etc. are possible with this system.

 Benefits for you:

  • easy to assemble
  • exchangeable when mounted onto the machine, which leads to saving costs. 
  • space-saving

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