Innovative products for Industry 4.0

We also offer products for plastics processing

* Grippers for robotics, individually made according to customer drawings
* Support plates/workpiece carriers made of aluminum/steel, individually adapted to the production line


New products that save time and money

Ejector quick-release couplings
for hydraulic ejectors of injection molding machines

*can be used with almost all machine types
*available in 3 sizes
*easiest handling for the user and maximum safety for the mold
*handling only with a small twist, no tools necessary
*short set-up time for tool change

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Protection roller blind

*easy mounting by permanent magnet
*bracket made of aluminum profile
*robust, translucent, with the tool moving special fabric
*roll-up mechanism for continuous operation
*low space requirement between tool and bars
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Closure plugs in aluminum and brasser

*ideal for tight installation conditions and at corners
*little need for space
*no tension due to cylindrical shape
*good sealing properties due to conical surfaces

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