Guide Bushings

Solid lubricantelements


Ready bearingsand sliding elements with specially designedsolid lubricantdeposit

Ready ​​red bronze alloybearings and guiding bushings

Thanks to the 25 to 30% proportion of solid lubricant in the total sliding surface, we obtain maintenance-free operations after a first lubrication. This is a desired result for the scope where oil and fat are unwanted (eg. medecine, clean rooms, hardly accessible places).

Red bronze alloy CuZnPbSn5  consists of:copper85% / tin 5% /zinc 5% /lead5%. It can be used for easy applications thanks to lower production costs.

Advantages ofsolid lubricantbushings

Advantages of bronzebushings

  • Maintenance-free or low-maintenance operation with a significant prolongation of maintenance efforts
  • High staticand dynamic loading capacity.
  • Low coefficient of friction(similar togrease)
  • No stick-slip


  • Good emergency operating features
  • Long tool life
  • Highpressurestability
  • Also suitableforuse onunhardened wavesand slight edge pressure

Comparison ofwear ratebetween standardsteelbushings and maintenance-free  solid lubricant or bronze bushings.

Bothtypes of guiding bushings and guiding bushing elementshave the followingcharacteristics: High wearresistance andtemperatureresistance, goodthermal conductivityand high corrosionresistance.Allsizesavailable from stock.

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