Cutting Punches

PunchS- based ontype D toDIN 9861 and form AISO 8020

  • Through a new, patenteddesign, the exchange of punchesand bushings has been greatly simplified.
  • Improvedpositioningby prolongedintake.
  • Largerguide surfaceto preventincorrect assembly.
  • Simplification of assemblyand service.
  • Adjusted cavities intherespective retainingholesinthelatestversion of eroding standards.
  • Large manufacturingadvantages over the previous model.
  • Available with all standardcoatings.


 Your benefits:

  • Higherprecisionof the entire tool
  • Better positioning
  • Lesswear, therebysavingcosts
  • High repeatabilityin the exchange
  • Better absorptionof lateral forces
  • Fasterinternal processesthroughnew design


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