HSB-Standards - now with full program

We are active in the field of standardized tools for mould and die making for over 25 years. Fast scheduling, high availability of products through our well-assorted stock, reliable delivery and highest quality lead to the success of our customers in tool and mould making.

In 2010, HSB LAMBERT GmbH became HSB NORMALIEN GmbH and completed the program of standard tools with its KE and P boards. HSB NORMALIEN GmbH now offers about 33,000 products such as guiding elements, ejectors, cooling equipment, accessories, DIN and standard parts for moulds and punching, and precision flat steel, P and KE boards, standard pieces and tools for punching. Special parts, such as special forming die, mechanical parts and customized contours and punches are manufactured to customer specifications and drawings at the highest level of quality.

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