Toolvision® ITU – The Smart Factory Tool

With Toolvision® ITU you always have a permanent and up-to-date overview of your production data!
Toolvision® ITU -It’s that easy to use

Product-specific parameters are recorded using the Toolvision® ITU input units and bundled with the signals from the production machine and hardware connections in the Toolvision® ITU processing unit to form usable data.
The Toolvision® ITU Dashboard then allows you as the decision-maker to conveniently view all relevant production data of the tied machinery, being always up-to-date and being able to take quick action in case of undesired irregularities in the production process.


ITU models available

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  •  Keep easy tracked on your production data permanently
  •  Ideal for the thermoforming and Injection molding industry
  •  Perfectly overviewing your existing production lines
  •  Optimizing your time and resource planning as well as your production processes
  •  Competitive edge through digitization – safe the benefits by using
  •  our innovative solution"Toolvision® ITU" – guarding you on your way being a Smart Factory! Go directly to the shop here.