Ejectors and cores made ​​of hard metal

The outstanding properties of hardmetal gain importance in the tool and mold making field. Hard metal has gone from being brittle and fragile to a high quality material and almost for any kind of use. Higher demands in life time and precision make it necessary for special tools to be made of hard metal. This way, ejectors and mold cores are made out of hard metal for this precise purpose. The use of these hard metal parts results in a significant increased of the tool life compared to WAS and HSS, which leads to significant production cost-savings.

Advantagesof hardmetalpunching

Advantagesof hard metal forming/injecting

• Stamp life time increased
• Higherlifting speed
• No anti-wear coatingnecessary
• Corrosion-resistant
• Longer maintenanceintervals

  • Coreswithhighwear resistance
  • In spiteof the hardmetal, there is a benging strength of 3600 N/mm
  • excellentthermal conductivityof 85,for comparison: WAS/HWS/HSSare between28-32
  • lower irrigation

Longer life time thanks to less wear compared to conventional tools.Reduceddowntime thanks totool changescontributesignificantly to the improvement ofthe cost structure.

Faster cycles can be accomplished by the slower heatabsorption ofhard metal compared to steel.

Ejectorsand coresare available in variouslengths, diameters and withdifferentsurfacecoatings. We also offercustomizedshapesand designs.

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